Andrew Foote
Mr. Induction
(817) 400-1060


One can use today’s induction technology to remove rusted nuts and bolts without a torch, remove the most difficult glass without a knife or wire, remove graphics without a heat gun, emblems and body side molding in just seconds, and heat structural steel or frame rails without a torch.

After demonstrating Induction Innovations equipment for nearly 10 years, I’ve discovered many keys for successfully removing any automotive glass including windshields, quarter glass, rear glass and hatch glass. Some of these keys are listed in the Instructions/Tips category. Glass such as quarter glass can be removed on the average of 5 minutes with some in 2 to 3 minutes.

It is said “experience is the best teacher”. I will offer my personal experience assisting or tutoring those who purchase a unit from my website by email, phone, or Skype.