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Common Problems, Easy Solutions 

One common problem I hear from owners of the Glass Blaster is the user has damaged the magnets and caused them to fracture. The damage was more than likely due to applying the magnets of the Inductor head directly to metal unprotected.  

The magnets can be protected with self-adhesive thermal protective fiberglass pads. They are available and can be purchased in strips of 10. If the magnets on the head are too badly damaged, the Glass Blaster head will have to be replaced. 

Another common problem I have seen experience by owners of the Max Inductor kit is with the concentrator attachment. There is a fiberglass pad attached to the magnets when the kit is purchased but over time and multiple uses, the fiberglass pad will burn off and should be replaced with another self-adhesive thermal protective fiberglass pad.  

They are available in strips of 10. If they aren’t replaced when burned off, the heat transferred from the red hot bolt touching the magnets will eventually fracture the magnets and the attachment will have to be replaced.