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The INDUCTOR® GLASS BLASTER® Windshield Removal Tool

  • Removes in minutes
  • cleanly without need of knives or wires!
  • No damage to glass, frame or autobody!

The Inductor® Glass Blaster (GB-20001) auto glass and windshield removal tool includes the Inductor High Performance Induction Heater hardwired with the Glass Blaster attachment. Mounted in a portable, protective toolbox. Uses include the removal of bonded in automotive glass, windshield removal, quarter glass removal, appliques, spray-on Bed Liners, as well as undercoating, caulking and seam sealer material.

The Glass Blaster releases the urethane in hard to reach areas (curves and deep pockets) of windshields were other glass tools can’t go. Eliminate risk of damage to the rubber encapsulation or frit (blackout masking). Removes windshields and bonded autoglass from the OUTSIDE of the vehicle – Time consuming removal of inside trim NOT NECESSARY!  


Re-use windshields and quarter glass as the GLASSBLASTER leaves window structure intact! Can remove quarter glass in less than 3 minutes, windshields in less than 12 minutes, and can be also be used to remove SMC panels in just minutes!

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