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Protecting Painted Surfaces

When pulling glass at a salvage yard or removing glass at a body shop with the intent of refinishing the area around the glass, there’s no need to be concerned about getting the painted metal surface too hot thereby damaging or discoloring the paint.

If perhaps you need to protect the painted surface from damage or discoloration due to excessive heat, you may use a heat barrier gel called Cold Shield Thermal Gel.

Having sprayed the thermal gel on the painted surface next to the edge of the glass, as long as you see wet gel on the painted surface, you’ll know there is sufficient heat protection on the painted surface as the Glass Blaster attachment head is moved around the glass.

If perhaps it dries out before the glass is released, simply spray more gel on the area.

In order to protect painted surfaces from damage, always leverage glass from the inside using an L-wedge. When the painted surface becomes heated, leveraging from the outside can nick and damage the hot painted surface since the paint is softened.

Leveraging from the inside eliminates the risk of damaging painted surfaces.