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Rear Glass

Rear automotive glass is removed in many ways like the quarter glass is removed. Just begin by removing any connections to the rear window defogger. Then apply the Inductor head to the edge of the glass directly over the pinch weld.

Once the urethane begins to smoke, move the Inductor head at approximately one centimeter per second or just as long as the urethane continues to smoke as the head is moved around the perimeter.

Again, if there is rubber encapsulating the glass or you need to assure the adjacent paint is protected, use the Cold Shield Thermal Gel on the painted metal surface adjacent the rubber.

Once an area has been heated and released of approximately 8 inches, place the L-wedge edge on the pinch weld and leverage out against the glass from the inside.

If the painted surface doesn’t need to be protected and there is no rubber encapsulation, the glass can be leveraged from the outside.

If the paint needs to be protected from damage and the glass is leveraged from the outside, when the painted metal surface is hot, the paint becomes soft and can more easily be nicked and damaged.

If there is rubber encapsulation and the metal is hot then the rubber is heated as well and leveraging from the outside can distort or damage the rubber encapsulation.

That is why I personally find it a safer, more effective way to leverage from the inside of the vehicle.

Continue to move the Glass Blaster head around the glass, leveraging as you go and in approximately 15 minutes or so the glass will be removed.