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FAST-OFF® PAD Attachment  U-211
1 Year Warranty

  • Included with Max Kit and Pro Max Kit

  • Heat Resistant Outer material is softer on paint and more durable than fiberglass.

  • Reversible Velcro Hand Strap doubles the life expectancy of this attachment. Use both sides!

  • Flat / flexible work coil to meet the different contours on sheet metal.

  • 8 pin connector w/ 74" cord

  • 8" W x 5.8" W x 0.8" H

  • HF cable to Inverter 6 feet.

Uses: Moldings, Pin Stripes, Vinyl Graphics, Vapor Barriers, Sound Barrier Pads, Nameplates / Emblems, Undercoating’s, stress relieving sheet metal, pre-heat cold panels for the application of adhesive components or coatings and more.


Retail $279.00    Internet sale price $265.00