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Quarter Encapsulated Glass with Metal

Sometimes the encapsulated glass has a metal trim attached to the rubber such as on the rear quarter of the Chevrolet Impala. When that is the case, I have found the trick is to heat the pinch weld from the inside of the vehicle.

The reason is when you heat from the outside, as one normally would; the Inductor head is too close of to the metal trim in the encapsulation and will get hot enough to melt the rubber. These are problems I have run into in my experience and I’m giving you solutions that have remedied the situation.

The interior trim of the vehicle will have to be removed. Then holding the Glass Blaster head about a quarter inch from the metal surface of the pinch weld, begin to heat the metal. It is important not to touch metal directly with the magnets on the Glass Blaster head because the metal heats so quickly that the metal touching the magnets can damage them.

By holding the magnets off the metal or making sure the magnets have thermal insulator pads on them, you will protect the magnets from being damaged.

When the Inductor is turned on and in close proximity to the pinch weld, you will see the urethane begin to smoke. At that point, begin to move the Inductor head around the pinch weld. Once an area has been heated, maybe 6 to 8 inches, hook the L or leverage portion of L-wedge into the pinch weld and begin to pry with outward pressure against the glass.

Since the removal is from the inside, open the doors and or windows to get plenty of ventilation from the urethane smoke. If you have the Cold Shield Thermal Gel, spray it on the metal trim.

This will give added protection from any heat transferred to the metal trim. It probably isn’t necessary, but I personally use it to eliminate any risks.

Continue to work around the glass from the inside using outward pressure with the L-wedge until the entire glass urethane bonding is free from the pinch weld.

Within about 5 minutes or less, that quarter glass will be in hand and available for sale or be reinstalled once the quarter panel is completed being painted.