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Rear Cab Glass on Pickup Trucks

Make sure any wiring is detached and metal tabs are bent back to remove any restrictions. Some pickup truck sliders are thick and therefore the distance from the outside of the glass and the pinch weld is further and so the field of energy is further.

Since the field of energy is a further distance it takes a little longer to heat the pinch weld. In cases like these you might work the Inductor head around the pinch weld from the inside, holding the magnets away from the metal about a ¼ inch so as not to get the magnets too hot.

Remember the metal pinch weld is thin and if the magnets are put directly on, the metal will turn cherry red in about 1 or 2 seconds. If the magnets are touching the red hot metal, they might crack or fracture and become damaged.

Self adhesive fiberglass thermal pads are available and I personally use them in cases like these just to give added protection to the Max unit I use. I have used my personal unit for over 10 years and my unit is still in excellent shape.

Just like other glass, heat an area along the pinch weld around 8 to 12 inches, come in from the inside with the L-wedge and leverage with outward pressure until you get the initial urethane bond loosened.

Then continue to work your way around the glass as the urethane smokes or a rate of 1 cm per second leveraging as you work around the glass until it is completely removed.