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Message to Body Shop owners/managers

I owned and operated a body shop for about 20 years so I understand the necessity to maximize profits. There’s nothing more frustrating for a shop owner to invest in a tool only to have it misused or gathering dust in some cabinet either because the employee doesn’t like the tool or they don’t know how to use it properly. I realize many employees get used to doing things a certain way and to learn a new way will cost them time and effort.  

I have done many demos to body shops and after the demo the owner would look over to the employees and say, “What do you think”, looking for their nod of approval. In other words, “I’m not buying this tool unless I know you like and are going to use it.” Their decision to purchase this new equipment would be a joint decision and ultimately a better and wiser choice.   

One particular body shop that made a decision this way was in Yakima, WA. I demoed the 3 attachments on the Max Inductor in front of the owner and his employees removing glass, bed liner material, body side moldings, graphics, caulking and undercoating, and heated some nuts and bolts. After finishing the demo, the owner looked at his employees asking for their opinion. When they gave him their approval, the owner said he would buy a Max unit I had with me.  

As I was handing the Inductor Max to the owner, one of the body men grabbed the unit and said, “I got it first.” He was in the middle of a project struggling with the removal of undercoating and caulking under a rear quarter panel. He needed to find the spot welds and drill them out in order to remove the panel. He knew after seeing the Inductor Max demoed, it would take only a few minutes versus many tens of minutes without it. After I left the shop, I thought to myself, “I did my job,” not that I made the sale but that the employee understood the value of the tool.  

I’ve always valued my relationship with shop owners and managers. If I were to sell them a tool that was a bad investment, it was difficult for me to show my face at their shop again. On the other hand, if the shop owner found the tool extremely useful, they would be more inclined to purchase something else from me in the future.  

As a former body man and owner of a body shop for many years and now a salesman, there are certain tools I wish I had in my shop. The Induction Innovation equipment is at the top of the list. As a salesman fulltime for the past 12 years, not only do I sell tools I would personally use but I utilize much of the feedback I receive after a sale. The sales of the Induction Innovations equipment have always been a ‘home run” for me. The purchase of an Inductor has consistently made the shop owner a satisfied customer due to the fact he made a good investment. The employees have been satisfied as well since they have been able to get their jobs done faster and easier. If they are on the clock, they have been able to flag more time and ultimately make more money which is the name of their game. Satisfaction even trickles to the managers too as they have a more content crew to manage.

The most recent tutorial DVD that now comes with the Max and ProMax units is very detailed and specific for the various applications. With the detailed explanations for each application, one can easily grasp the concepts and usefulness of the technology that is now made available to the automotive industry though the invention of Induction Innovations.  

As with any purchase of Induction Innovations equipment from my website, I will make myself available to any who needs further tutoring by phone, email, or Skype.  

Andrew Foote