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Message to Salvage Yard owners/managers

If you own or manage a salvage yard, there’s nothing worse than sending an employee out to bring a specific glass to the office because you have a customer waiting. After a half an hour of your customer waiting, he shows up at the office not with the piece of glass but with some bad news. He broke or damaged the glass during the removal process.  

As a former owner, I know how frustrating it is to not only have lost money in the damaged part and lost sale but also lost money having to pay the employee for the half an hour or more he spent ruining the part. That why it’s important not only to have the right tool for the job but also to know how to use it effectively and efficiently. Can you imagine sending the employee out to get a quarter glass removed and he comes back with it in hand undamaged and in a timely manner? That’s what the Inductor Glass Blaster® or Inductor Max™ can do for you. 

Many pieces of glass, especially quarter glass, are never even attempted to be removed at salvage yards because the manager/owner knows that their employee would more than likely ruin it before they ever got it removed. Either that or it would take them so long to get it out and probably damage it in the process that the employee would be better used pulling a different part from the vehicle.  

Some glass such as quarter glass on a Pontiac Aztec, rear sliders on a Dodge Pickup, or curved windshields or curved rear glass on a Saturn are next to impossible to get out with any other means than the Glass Blaster. Portions of the Aztec rear quarter glass are next to impossible to access with wire or a knife. Even an attempt with the use a micro-torch from the inside is impossible because certain portions of the pinch weld are inaccessible.  

On Dodge Pickup rear glass, the lower portion of the rubber encapsulation totally covers the pinch weld so if attempted to be cut out with a knife, the lower rubber encapsulation will be damaged in the process. I’ve seen yards and body shops ruin the encapsulation on the curved portions of rear quarter glass by a knife or when using piano wire where the sawing motion back and forth ruins the encapsulation. On the Saturn windshield, most people can get the majority of the windshield loose until it comes to the curved section on the bottom corners. That’s where they end up getting broken. 

The point being, if cars are being crushed with expensive glass, those are lost revenues. If glass is being attempt to be removed but damaged in the process, those are lost revenues. As the owner of a salvage yard looks over his property in the yard, he should see “gold” not junk. If the owner sees a “gold mine” instead of a junk yard, he’ll look for ways to extract the gold, not get rid of the junk. The Inductor Glass Blaster is just another “gold mining” tool in one’s arsenal of tools to extract the “gold” or profits. Don’t throw your profits away just because you can’t figure a way to separate them from the scrap. 

I have had numerous owners tell me after purchasing a unit that they more than paid for the price of the tool with glass sold in the first month. Not only are there increased profits but those yards become the go-to salvage yard because they can provide a product that many other yards cannot. That means increased business for other parts as well. Remember, a happy customer is a return customer.