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Pro-Max/Max Applications

Fast Off® Pad Attachment
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For heating sheet metal through plastic trim, decals, moldings, and appliqués. Softens the adhesive, allowing quick, easy removal and salvage of parts bonded to metal. Greatly reducing the need for toxic solvents and other expensive consumables.


  • Body trim (backing stays intact)
  • Name plates and emblems
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Weather stripping
  • After market stainless trim
  • Pre-heat cold metal panels instantly
  • Use for installation for all the above
  • spray-on bed liners
  • Glass Blaster® Attachment

    Used for removing urethane-bonded windows. Glass Blaster can get to those hard to reach areas were other glass tools can’t (deep pockets and tight curves), eliminating the collateral damage normally associated with conventional glass tools.

    A little Flameless Heat, a little outward pressure, all the way around and it's out. Operates completely from outside the glass.


    • Removal of glass / *composite panels bonded to metal and Spray-On Bed Liners
    • *(i.e.; Camaro/Firebird roof panels)

    Concentrator® Attachment
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    The Concentrator can be used for loosening rusted nuts/bolts, heat shrinking, hail dent removal. Think of it as a flameless torch tip.


  • Hail dent removal (no special attachment needed) 
  • Metal shrinking
  • Fabricating
  • Release Thread Lock Compounds
  • Easily remove seam sealers in a fraction of the time!
  • Helps eliminate the need for expensive consumables!
  • Loosen seized fasteners & connectors  
  • ROSEBUDTM Attachment

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      Midly Heat Aluminum & Heavier Gauged Steels or 1/4" plate steel red hot in seconds, if needed.

    As with all Heat Inductors, the heat is localized with this attachment. Creating a safer environment and help preventing the collateral damage normally associated with an open flame

    This attachment has a replaceable heat shield and can be used without air for; short term high heat applications on steel, long term low heat applications (adjustable power control) on steel or when working with aluminum. When working with aluminum the heat shield can be removed for even greater power!

    Working with steel for long term high heat applications air cooling is recommended for protecting the longevity of the product! (air regulator / gauge included)


    • frame rails, annealing aluminum prior to repairs, removing decals from aluminum,. fabricating steel...