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INDUCTOR® PRO-MAX™ High Performance Induction Heating System


(P/N PM-20000) Using High Frequency Magnetic Fields (induction heat) generates INVISIBLE HEA®T to remove all types of adhesives bonded to metal, release seized hardware from corrosion or thread lock compounds, all without the collateral damage normally associated with conventional methods such as torches.


  • Reduce Labor by as much as 75%
  • Re-Use Parts Normally Discarded
  • Save on Consumables
  • Reduce the need for Toxic Solvents
  • Flameless, Safer than a Torch.


  • High Performance/Energy Efficient Induction Heat Inverter. Maximizes use of a 120v/20a circuit.
  • Rated: Input 2200w Max Output 2000w
  • Audible and Visual Power Indicators.
  • Fine Tuning Linear Power Control 
  • Pneumatic Foot Switch (Resilient to dirt and water.) 
  • UL/CSA GFCI for User Safety
  • Inductor® attachments instantly heat ferrous metals without the collateral damage to nearby plastics.
  • Storage for attachments included.
Inductor® PRO-MAX™ Includes
  • Inductor® PRO-MAX High Performance Induction Heat Inverter
  • U-211, U-311, U-411
  • (2) L-Wedges / Manual / Tutorial Video

For more information watch the demo!


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